Einträge von Saglik

Champions Support Champions

We share high performance, teamwork and ambition together with competitive athletes and are proud supporters of boxer Deniz Ilbay and financier of the FC Porto inclusion tournament.

This is what the press says: Onetz from 04.02.2018

In its edition of February 4, 2018, the regional newspaper Der neue Tag reports on the completion of the new hall: https://www.onetz.de/mantel/wirtschaft/firma-saglik-nimmt-neue-halle-in-betrieb-mitarbeiterzahl-verfuenffacht-d1812857.html

The my in orange – our new logo

The µ in orange The micro sign µ [my:] as a millionth of a unit symbolizes our demand for precision. Our company logo from 1990 now appears in a new design. The new logo consists of a picture and word mark. A bright, orange S – our initial – surrounded by a milling cutter that […]