For voluminous workpieces and the highest demands – our versatile talent for large requirements:
AXA UPFZ 40 large portal machining center with swivel spindle for 5-sided machining

The 2-axis swivel head is the core element of the UPFZ machine series. It processes from almost every position and thus offers the greatest possible applicability in our production. Once clamped, the UPFZ 40 also processes particularly large and complex workpieces all around and with shorter set-up times.

Powerful, reliable and easy to use, talented through and through.

Overview of technical data:

Swivel spindle:

– 2-axis swivel head for 5-sided machining

– Swivel head in a serrated design or continuously positioning

– A-axis swivel range 180 °, B-axis swivel range 360 °

In detail:

X travel: 6000 mm
Y travel: 2500 mm
Z travel: 1200 mm

Passage: 1500 m

For much larger workpieces and individual solutions: our flexible talent AXA UPFZ 50

Our UPFZ 50, also from the machine series UPFZ from the manufacturer AXA, offers individual solutions for much larger and more massive workpieces. For this, the manufacturer dispensed with a machine table. The processing options are therefore almost endless.

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