Saglik goes glass fiber

Today, the first internal fiber optic link between the company buildings was switched.
This is a further step for digitization 4.0.
Saglik already relies on fiber optics to meet future challenges.
The use of glass fiber enables speeds in the gigabit range.

Champions Support Champions

We share high performance, teamwork and ambition together with competitive athletes and are proud supporters of boxer Deniz Ilbay and financier of the FC Porto inclusion tournament.

This is what the press says: Onetz from 04.02.2018

In its edition of February 4, 2018, the regional newspaper Der neue Tag reports on the completion of the new hall:

AXA UPFZ 50 large machining portal – order STILL GmbH – precision work on forklifts

Perhaps it was the two 10- and 15-tonne ABUS indoor cranes in the freshly completed hall that impressed our client, the company STILL GmbH? We were happy to accept the order from the STILL GmbH company and performed precision work on their heavy trucks under the large machining portal of the AXA UPFZ 50.

The my in orange – our new logo

The µ in orange

The micro sign µ [my:] as a millionth of a unit symbolizes our demand for precision.

Our company logo from 1990 now appears in a new design.

The new logo consists of a picture and word mark. A bright, orange S – our initial – surrounded by a milling cutter that runs from metallic blue light to metallic blue dark, which industry experts see in it. For people outside the industry, it appears like a gear.

In addition, SAGLIK MASCHINENBAU stands in a strong metallic blue as our word mark.

The idea was developed together with a graphic design agency from Hamburg.



We are growing! Our new hall in the construction process:

As of July 2017

We are growing! Our giant among processing portals:


We are growing! The work on our new production hall will be completed in autumn.

The heart of all our machining portals is waiting for you: